The Gerson School

The Gerson School

The Gerson School is a coeducational alternative day school for students in grades 6 through 12 who have not been successful in traditional educational settings, or who would benefit from a personal and therapeutic environment that affects positive growth according to individual need and ability. Chartered by the Ohio Department of Education, the school serves a variety of students, including those with emotional or behavioral difficulties, who have been bullied, or have poor social skills/peer relationships. School districts throughout Northeast Ohio refer students who would benefit from the specialized program we offer.

The Gerson School offers a unique educational environment focused on ensuring the success of our students. Individual learning plans enable each student to reach his or her maximum potential in a supportive, caring environment. Gerson students benefit from:

  • A quality, differentiated curriculum led by highly qualified staff
  • Careful guidance in personal development
  • Small class sizes
  • Individual and group support from the school social worker and other trained staff
  • Preparation for return to mainstream high school or graduation to college, technical training, or full-time employment

At Gerson we believe in every student and are committed to providing the necessary tools and support in order for each student to excel and grow. Through our holistic approach to learning in a diverse environment, Gerson students can learn to finish what they start, overcome obstacles, demonstrate tenacity, develop and practice integrity, and develop empathy.


The curriculum at The Gerson School closely mirrors that of most home districts so academic standards are not compromised. Classrooms typically have six to 10 students. All major academic subjects are offered in addition to many electives, including sociology, Spanish, speech communications, government, history and computer applications. In addition to a robust curriculum, Gerson students can participate in community service projects, leadership council, and online credit recovery program. Educational field trips are also incorporated into the core subject matter.

Our success with students is enhanced by differentiated instruction, a therapeutic environment, and individualized attention. All staff and students are trained in the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program, which is a proactive framework of evidence-based strategies and systems that help create environments that are predictable, consistent, positive and safe.

Powered by Applewood Centers

The Gerson School has a long tradition in northeast Ohio dating back to its start in 1970 by the Society of Friends. With its move to Applewood Centers, the school blends the strengths of behavioral health and special needs education — enabling our students to achieve academic and personal goals. Through the school’s alliance with Applewood Centers, students can be linked to expanded mental health services including psychiatry, psychology, in-home services and individual counseling.


At Gerson, we believe that all students can be successful in the right learning environment. Our alternative approach to learning tends to be best for students:

  • Encountering social, emotional or behavioral difficulties that place educational and personal accomplishment beyond his or her grasp
  • Progressing from a controlled setting (e.g., hospital, treatment center) to a standard living and learning situation
  • Who have attendance and/or academic performance issues that seriously impede success

The admissions process has been streamlined to allow for quicker transition to our school. District personnel and parents can contact Gerson School Director Stephanie Senter for referral information or to schedule a tour.

Please call 216.487.1422 today!