Program & Services

At a Glance

Applewood Centers is a private, nonprofit agency providing behavioral health, social services and educational services for children and youth from birth to age 21 and their families. Services are provided from the agency’s offices, residential center, clients’ homes and through The Gerson School, public/private schools and other locations throughout the community.

Behavioral Health, Counseling and Community Services


For children up to age 21 who have mental health issues or exhibiting a variety of problematic behavioral issues including anger, sexual or physical abuse, bullying, risk-taking behaviors, social problems, family relations, and grief, trauma and loss. Our Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Treatment Services treats youth who have co-occurring mental health disorders with substance abuse. Outpatient services include individual, family and group therapy.
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Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric evaluations, medication management and collaboration with primary care physicians regarding psychiatric medications
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Residential Treatment

Applewood Centers provides residential treatment for youth ages 11 to 18 who have a variety of severe mental health needs or have demonstrated self-injurious, risk-taking, and aggressive behaviors. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we work with clients to address each of their individual complex needs—building upon his or her strengths towards recovery. Our team works with the youth on character development and self management while learning leadership development and positive peer culture. Applewood Centers has two programs — Apple Blossom for Girls and Orchard for Boys.
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Foster Care & Adoption

Becoming a foster parent is a very special decision to make. It is not a job—it is a way to provide outreach in the community, and help youth through the many difficult challenges of developing and maturing into young adults. The foster care program at Applewood Centers provides homes to youth of all ages who have behavioral and/or mental health issues. Unfortunately, many come from situations where there was neglect, abuse, and unsafe environments. As a result, the foster youth in our program are in need of adults to show they care and provide guidance, support, and love.
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