Lorain County Community-Based Services

Applewood Centers Inc. is a private, nonprofit social service agency that provides behavioral health and educational services for children and youth ages 6-18 and their families. Dedicated to addressing a variety of mental health, emotional and learning problems, our team in Lorain County offers an array of community-based services, including outpatient counseling, psychiatry, in-home therapy, school-based counseling, parent coaching on behavior management, and prevention and education services. Services are provided from our offices, at clients’ schools and in the home.

Behavioral Health | Counseling and Community Services

Outpatient Counseling

For children and adolescents who have mental health issues. Services are provided by licensed social workers and counselors and includes individual, family and group therapy.

School Based Counseling

Year-round individual counseling, assessment and case management services. Prevention groups for students; classroom observation and consultation with teachers, parents and other school personnel; and educational presentations for teachers, students and parents.

Multisystemic Therapy®

Therapeutic and case management services for youth with serious behavioral problems and who are at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system, as well as for youth exhibiting problematic sexual behavior.

Early Childhood Mental Health

Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Services for children up to age 6 who are in homes that are experiencing overwhelming stress or have concerns that might affect the parent’s or caregiver’s ability to parent. This program also assists children who are:
• Victims of domestic violence or other trauma
• Having sleep difficulties
• Experiencing attachment difficulties
• Having any difficult behavior
ECMH Therapy includes a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, treatment planning, and play-based child and family interventions to address developmental, social/emotional and behavioral issues.


Youth Crisis Program

Works in collaboration with Nord Emergency Stabilization Services (ESS) when assessing youth. The goals are to decrease the number of youth hospitalized with no corresponding negative outcomes, and increase the number of youth who are connected to appropriate and available services following an emergency assessment. Staff provide psychiatric diagnostic evaluations to youth who are assessed by Nord ESS or have been psychiatrically hospitalized outside of ESS, have no providers, and are at a higher level of risk. These youth also receive CPST and case management services until connected to the referred appropriate level of care. Youth who do not receive a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation receive weekly case management services until they are connected to an appropriate level of care.

Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric evaluations, medication management and collaboration with primary care physicians regarding psychiatric medications.

Ohio Healthy Transitions Project

Initiative to improve access to treatment and support services for youth and young adults ages 16-25 with a serious emotional disturbance or a serious mental illness. The program provides:
• A new way forward for youth to experience uninterrupted, seamless services, achieve positive outcomes, and be set on healthy life trajectories
• Access to a continuum of life skills training (vocational, educational and social emotional wellness) to enable youth to become healthy, productive adults

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