Special Needs Child Care Consultation

Applewood Centers provides on-site consultation services to any Cuyahoga County in-home or child care center provider, including School Age Child Care (SACC) programs, day camps, kinder programs, preschools and toddler programs. The Special Needs Child Care Consultation program is lead by licensed professionals who specialize in behavioral healthcare for children and teens. It is offered through the Cuyahoga County Invest in Children and Starting Point for Child Care and Early Education programs. This consultation service aims to increase and improve special needs child care through specialized training for providers, parents and caregivers.

How the Program Works

Special Needs Child Care Consultation is for any child up to age 12 who is enrolled in a child care program and has a social, emotional, or behavioral issue. In this program, we consider special needs to include behavioral, developmental, social or emotional needs that put a child at risk for being suspended or expelled from a child care program. Some examples of behaviors we help treat include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, hitting or other aggressive behaviors, tantrums, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Our therapists teach the child care providers and parents the tools to effectively work with children who have these issues.

Services are provided on-site, where an Applewood Centers therapist can interact with the child, observe his/her behavior, obtain feedback from providers and parents, and work with child care providers on methods to improve behaviors. As a team, we create a plan for the child to help him/her succeed in the program in which they are enrolled. Our therapists provide a variety of activities and strategies to help the child assimilate through:

  • Learning self-control
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Learning how to properly express feelings
  • Strengthening positive behavior
  • Learning how to get along with peers

How to Make a Referral

To make a referral or obtain additional information about how Special Needs Child Care Consultation services might be beneficial for a young child you know, please call us at the number below. Our professionals will talk with you confidentially about your concerns and determine if this program would be a good fit.