The Reserve School

The Reserve School, a program of Applewood Centers, Inc., is a private school serving students in grades 6-12 placed in residential treatment facilities in Northeast Ohio. Students at The Reserve School receive specialized educational services to address emotional, social and behavioral deficits that have impacted academic functioning. The school provides a therapeutic environment that teaches skills to prepare the students for a return to the community.

At The Reserve School, we believe that students can continue to learn even when life circumstances have led to their removal from the community. By supporting students within the classroom in order to help them reach academic goals, our team of professionals helps create a sense of accomplishment and success. We believe that helping students overcome obstacles in the classroom will help them overcome obstacles outside of the educational setting, and will reinforce their capacity to succeed despite life circumstances.

We accomplish this by focusing on both academics and the development of skills essential for success in the 21st century. The first set of soft skills includes critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and curiosity and creativity. The next set includes programming to enhance life and career skills, and the third set includes technology skills. Across all academics, the use of project-based work, group and team activities, individual interest goal-setting and analyzing and applying knowledge reinforce daily coursework. We believe that the most fragile of students can still learn, gain confidence, and achieve. We also believe that if we expect success and excellence in the classroom, and provide individualized support within a therapeutic milieu, our students will respond positively and experience success. (Read our anti-bullying policy.)

Intervention specialists, regular education teachers, a student services coordinator and support staff, under the direction of the building principal, work closely with the residential treatment program, parents and guardians, sending districts, mental health clinicians and community partners to support each student in the program. Class size is limited to 10 students per classroom, with two to three teaching and support staff in each classroom. Following the Ohio Earning Standards, course work is provided through traditional instruction, online programming, small group instruction and individualized programming. During their temporary placement in residential treatment when they are attending The Reserve School, students remain enrolled in their home school district, and credit earned is applied to their ongoing transcript.

For more information, please call The Reserve School at 216-320-8960.