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Applewood Centers is a private, non-profit agency providing mental health services, social services and education to children, adolescents and families living in Cuyahoga and Lorain counties. Dedicated to addressing a variety of behavioral, emotional and learning problems, we provide a continuum of care from outpatient counseling to residential treatment. Services include residential treatment programs, foster care and adoption, The Gerson School - an alternative day school, and an array of community-based services including psychiatry, in-home therapy, school-based counseling, prevention and consultation services.

How Can We Help You?

Select a tab below to find programs that address your specific needs. For a full list of our services we invite you explore the How Can We Help section.

Challenges atSchool

Feeling overwhelmed by social, emotional and academic demands at school or having difficulties with behavioral challenges, impaired functioning, relationships, bullying or succeeding.

Managing Feelingsand Emotions

Sad, withdrawn, anxious, defiant, angry or has difficulty managing feelings.

Family Grief, Turmoilor Loss

Child’s life is being disrupted due to family turmoil, grief, loss or trauma.

Non-Medical InterventionNot Working

Has failed to improve or progress with other forms of treatment or need ongoing medication monitoring or management.

At-Risk Behavioror Abuse

Is a victim of abuse or is engaging in self harmful behaviors, running away from home, taking dangerous risks or spending time with a negative peer group.

Become Involved

I want to adopt a child or I am a parent of grown children, a retired nurse, teacher or clergy looking to mentor children.


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